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June 15, 2021

Is your kitty a bit temperamental? Does Fluffy purr and snuggle with you one day, and then hiss at you the next? Just like people, cats all have their own unique personalities. However, our feline friends can be rather purrplexing. An Anderson, IN vet discusses cattitude in this article.

Pet Peeves

Some things rub cats the wrong way, such as, well, being rubbed the wrong way. Some of Fluffy’s pet peeves include loud noises; being picked up; being put down; being ignored; not being ignored; being woken up; getting wet; and spotting the bottom of the food bowl. Cats can also be jealous, especially of one another. Kitties may also act up if they are feeling territorial, when they are nursing kittens, and any time there is a major change. Believe it or not, loneliness can also make your furball grouchy.


One of the many things that is confusing about cats is the fact that they like to treat their humans as, well, playthings. Fluffy may bite you when she’s feeling frisky, or even out of affection. The key here is to know the difference between playful antics and true aggression. If your pet is just feeling silly, she probably won’t bite hard, and she may lose steam very quickly. She might also alternate biting you with licking you, or fall asleep mid-attack. A furball that is truly angry, on the other hand, may lash her tail, hiss, and/or growl, and will not hold back with those claws and teeth. Our advice? Back away slowly, and give your grumpy pet time to cool off.

Grouchy Cats

Some cats are just furry little curmudgeons by nature. If the vet has given Fluffy the all-clear, you may just have a cranky kitty on your hands. There’s nothing wrong with that! Your pet may be quite content to hang out with you from the other side of the room, and may prefer sleeping in her own bed to snoozing in your lap. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you!

Dealing With An Angry Furball

So how does one cope with cattitude? The best option here is to just go with it. Make sure your feline pal has plenty of toys to take her aggression out on. Playing with her daily will also help with those zoomies

As your Anderson, IN veterinary clinic, we are here to help! Call us anytime!

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