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Signs of Sickness in Rabbits

April 15, 2020
Do you have a bunny? Rabbits are very adorable and charming little pets. However, they aren’t always as easy to read as dogs or cats. That can make it harder for you to spot indications of illness or injury in your furry friend. Read on as a local Anderson, IN vet lists some common signs of sickness in bunnies.

Lack of Appetite

If there’s one thing we can say about our patients—with the possible exception of snakes—it’s that they definitely have robust appetites. It’s almost always a red flag when an animal loses interest in their meals. Weight loss is also a warning sign. 


Keep an eye out for unusual postures or positions. We’re not talking about the adorable ‘loaf’ position bunnies do, but about things such as stiffness, hunching over, or huddling in a corner.

Poor Fur Condition

Bunnies are actually quite clean. If Floppy doesn’t feel well, she may not keep up with her daily beauty routines. This can cause her coat to look dry, frizzy, dirty, or greasy. Another red flag is fecal matter stuck to the fur around your pet’s bottom.

Teeth Grinding

If your furball only occasionally grinds her teeth lightly, it may not be anything too concerning. However, ongoing and/or intense tooth grinding is often a sign of pain.


Watch for sudden changes in your furry pal’s behavior and ‘rabbitude.’ If Floppy is usually frisky, friendly, and playful, but then suddenly becomes withdrawn, listless, or grumpy, there could be something going on with her.


You can tell a lot about animals by looking at their eyes. Healthy bunnies have clear, bright eyes. If you see discharge, redness, or a sunken appearance, contact your vet.

Respiratory Distress

Floppy should breathe quietly and smoothly. Coughing, rasping, wheezing, and/or gasping are all warning signs that something is wrong.

Change in Droppings

When cleaning Floppy’s cage, pay attention to what you see. Changes in the amount, texture, color, or odor of your pet’s droppings can be indicative of illness. Diarrhea is also a danger sign.


Bunnies aren’t the loudest pets we see. That award would go to our feathered patients. However, they do sometimes vocalize, especially if they are in pain or distress. This is definitely a red flag! 

Do you have questions about your bunny’s health or care? Contact us, your Anderson, IN vet clinic, today! 
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