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Our Careteam

Meet your Lapel & Anderson Careteam. At Lapel Animal Hospital, we prioritize your pet’s emotional and
physical well-being during every visit. We put your pet first!

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Karen Lapel


Office Manager

Karen grew up on a horse farm in Brown County, where animal care was simply a natural part of life. She’s always had a natural affinity for the earth’s creatures, and she’s been a nurturing soul all her life. When the opportunity arose for her to care for others’ animals in a veterinary setting, Karen knew that she couldn’t pass up the chance! Now, she’s proud to serve as Lapel Animal Clinic’s Office Manager.

Karen managed various small businesses for a number of years before having children and becoming a stay-at-home mother. Once her kids had been in school for a few years, she decided to get back into the workforce—that’s when she jumped headfirst into the world of veterinary care. Her passion for animals and her background in management proved to be a powerful combination! Karen started here at Lapel Animal Clinic in the fall of 1999, and she’s been helping the area’s pets and animal parents ever since.

When she’s not at work, Karen likes hiking in the mountains, relaxing at the beach, riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle, and spending quality time with her family. She and her husband have four daughters and 12 wonderful grandchildren, and the couple shares their home with two cats, Jet and Simon. The loveable felines enjoy cuddling together in front of the fireplace, and quirky Jet has even learned to flush the toilet himself to watch the water drain! 

Kendra Crabtree


Office Assistant/Payroll Administrator

Kendra grew up in a small town in Ohio with her five younger brothers. Since her family didn’t have any pets of their own, she was always the on-call pet-sitter for the neighborhood animals. Kendra has enjoyed taking care of the earth’s creatures ever since she was young, but never dreamed she would one day work in a veterinary clinic—that all changed when she met her husband, Dr. Brent Crabtree. Now, Kendra is proud to serve as Lapel Animal Clinic’s Office Assistant and Payroll Administrator!

After staying at home with her children for several years, Kendra knew that she was ready to return to the workforce. She started to get more involved in payroll and office administration at her and her husband’s Pendleton location in 2017, and quickly fell in love with the world of veterinary care. Kendra and Dr. Crabtree purchased Lapel Animal Clinic in January of 2020, and she knew right away that it would become her work home—she’s felt like the clinic is part of her extended family from day one.

One of Kendra’s favorite parts of her job is getting to work alongside her husband and their compassionate, talented staff every day. For her, veterinary medicine is truly a family affair! She also loves to meet new clients and their wonderful pets on a daily basis. 

When she’s not at work, Kendra likes hosting get-togethers in her home and spending quality time with her family. Together, they enjoy vacationing, attending concerts, and visiting theme parks—they try to take a trip every year that involves roller coasters! She and Dr. Crabtree have three young children named Brody, Kaley, and Brantley, and the family also has four wonderful dogs: Macy, a Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix; two Great Danes named Lexi and Gracie; and a Sheepdog/Poodle mix who goes by Boomer. 

Lilly Norrick


Veterinary Assistant

Lilly’s childhood neighbors kept horses, and it wasn’t hard for her to fall in love with the majestic creatures early on in life. When one horse needed surgery to remove a bladder stone, young Lilly tagged along to watch the doctors and Technicians work their magic. That experience left a permanent impression—Lilly has known ever since that she wanted to help other animals in the exact same way! Now, she’s a Veterinary Assistant herself.

Lilly is a Lapel native and grew up with her parents, brother and sister, and plenty of family pets. She joined the Lapel Animal Clinic team when she was only a junior in high school, taking a summer job here to get her foot in the door of the profession, and simply never left! Lilly began working here full-time after graduating, and she now serves pets and their owners as a Veterinary Assistant. She’s still passionate about surgery work and loves to help out whenever she can, but her favorite part of the job is getting to learn more every single day.

When she’s not at work, Lilly can be found horseback riding, exercising, spending time outdoors, relaxing with her family, and doting on her many animal companions at home. She and her husband—who have been together since Lilly was 15 years old!—tend to their small farm and share their lives with several pets: Caffrey the Australian Shepherd; three cats named Abby, Gracie, and Smoke; a horse named Madison; four goats who go by Ponyboy, Ace, Bean, and Ollie; and a flock of chickens.

Sara Ridings


Veterinary Assistant

Ever since she can remember, Sara has loved to help other people. Of course, like any veterinary professional, she’s also been obsessed with animals since her earliest days. When she started working in the world of veterinary care, Sara had a realization: it was the perfect way for her to better the lives of others while spending time around adorable pets every single day!

Sara is a Lapel native and worked as a pharmacy technician for a number of years before deciding to make a change. She had planned on going back to school to pursue a nursing degree, and took a job here at Lapel Animal Clinic in early 2013 as a stepping stone. It wasn’t long, though, before Sara realized that veterinary medicine was her true calling! She’s been a member of the hospital family ever since and now serves as a Veterinary Assistant.

Here at the hospital, Sara especially likes educating pet owners on the best ways to care for their animal companions. She’s also fond of dental work and never gets tired of the impressive before-and-after photos. Most of all, Sara loves to meet local pet owners and their wonderful animal friends on a daily basis!

Most of Sara’s free time outside of work is spent raising her kids and enjoying the company of her family. She is married to her husband, Justin, and has two children: Jace, an avid wrestler and baseball player, and young Madelynn. The family shares their lives with an Australian Shepherd mix, Jack, who personifies unconditional love, as well as two cats: Frosty, an all-white feline who Sara adopted from Lapel Animal Clinic after he came to the hospital suffering from frostbite; and Homer, named by Sara’s son for his love of baseball. 

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