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Fixing Fluffy's Nail Care Habits

July 1, 2020

Cats have some very adorable habits, like the way they purr, curl up in our laps, and bat toys around. They also have some that aren’t quite as charming … such as scratching. We can help! Read on as a local Anderson, IN vet offers some advice on teaching your furball better petiquette. 

Understand Your Pet

We know, it can be annoying to realize that your pet is scratching your new sofa or your favorite chair. However, it’s important to understand why she’s doing it. Kitties are instinctively driven to take care of their nails. After all, they depend on their claws for survival in the wild. 

Avoid Punishment

Because scratching is instinctive, you should never punish your cat for doing it. Fluffy won’t understand that she did something wrong, as she was just following her instincts. 

Manicure Station

If you want to teach your pet better manners, you’ll need to give her a proper scratching spot. Cat towers are a purrfect option. Fluffy will not only gain a new nail-care station, she’ll also score a jungle gym, lookout point, and a napping spot. You can also get her a scratching post or board. Just make sure it won’t wobble or topple over on her. 

Teaching Good Manners

When you see Fluffy scratching improperly, do something that will annoy her without hurting her. Squirt her with water. Or, make a loud noise: clap your hands, stomp your feet, or bang two pots together. She’ll probably hightail it out of the room! 


Another thing you can do is block or limit your cat’s access to her chosen spot. If she’s scratching the corner of the couch, put an end table or potted plant there. If she’s using the corner of a wall, put two-sided tape down on it.


As mentioned above, cats don’t really respond well to punishment. Bribery, however, can be very effective here. Give Fluffy treats, toys, and catnip near her scratching post. It also won’t hurt to tell her she’s the best pet ever. Kitties love compliments! 

Last Resorts

Still no luck? Ask your vet to clip your kitty’s claws. This is temporary and painless, just like human manicures. Claw caps are another option. These are fake nails with rounded tips that you would attach to Fluffy’s nails. 

Please contact us, your Anderson, IN vet clinic, anytime. We’re here for you!