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Teaching Fluffy Better Scratching Petiquette

November 1, 2020

Has your cat been redesigning your sofa, or slowly shredding your carpet? If so, you’re in good company. Many people owned by kitties can become quite exasperated by their pets’ manicure habits. We can help! You’ll learn a few ways to teach Fluffy better manners in this article from a Anderson, IN veterinarian.


We know, training cats seems like a bit of a contradiction. However, you can teach Fluffy what is and is not acceptable kitty behavior. If you see your pet scratching something she shouldn’t be, do something that will startle her. Clap your hands, squirt her with water, or bang two pots together. These things will annoy your feline pal without hurting her. Never punish your furball for scratching. After all, it is a natural behavior.

P  eticure Stations

If you want your pet to stop scratching your things, you’ll need to offer her a suitable alternative. Cat towers are, of course, the gold standard here, as Fluffy will also gain a lookout point, jungle gym, and yet one more napping spot. You can also give your kitty scratching posts or boards. Just be sure to choose something sturdy. Your furry little diva may get wary of a manicure station that wobbles too much!


Our feline overlords are quite independent, and don’t always care for being told what to do. They do, however, respond very well to bribery. Make sure to give Fluffy treats and praise when she uses her scratching post. A little catnip won’t hurt, either.


Not having any luck? Training cats to do (or not do) anything is really a long game, so it may take some time. In the meantime, try to make your furry pal’s chosen spots less appealing. If Fluffy is using the side of your armchair, put a plant or end table in her way. If she’s using the carpet, try adding an area rug or even just a small mat to that area.


Another thing you can do is try putting claw caps on Fluffy. These are fake nails that you can attach to your kitty’s claws. Think of it as a feline version of press-on nails. Your fashionable little pet can even sport cute colors, like pink or purple. Ask your vet for more information.

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