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5 Reasons to Adopt a Specially Abled Pet

May 1, 2021

Nationally Specially Abled Pets Day is coming up on May 3rd. If you’re ready to bring a new animal companion into your life, don’t automatically pass by the less perfect pets. Many of our favorite patients are specially-abled, and having the time of their lives! An Anderson, IN vet discusses specially-abled pets below.


Don’t just assume that specially-abled pets need a lot of extra care and attention, or that they’re going to cost a lot more than any other pet would. While some specially-abled pets will need some additional TLC and veterinary care, in many cases, it’s just about doing things differently. For instance, a deaf dog can learn to obey hand signals. A blind pooch, on the other hand, may benefit from having carpet runners and scent markers, such as room fresheners, to help him get around. 


While this isn’t a given, many shelters may offer discounts on less-than-perfect pets. Unfortunately, many specially-abled pets have a very hard time getting adopted. You may find that the shelters or rescues will give you a break in return for offering a great forever home. Saving money is always a plus!

A Rewarding Experience

While there are many pets out there in need of homes, specially-abled pets are really the ones that need love the most. You may find that helping that one lucky pet is also great for your spirit. There’s something truly beautiful about that bond that people share with pets they’ve helped. 

They’re Full Of Purrs And Tail Wags

Animals don’t struggle with the emotional weight of being specially-abled the way that humans do. Fido doesn’t care if he looks different than other pups: he’ll still be just as delighted over treats and toys as any other pooch would. It’s really heartwarming to see specially-abled pets having the time of their lives!


One reason to look at a specially-abled pet? They may melt your heart more quickly than you would think is possible. In fact, sometimes these guys turn out to be even more loyal and affectionate than other pets, just because they’re so grateful to have been adopted. After all, animals know when someone has helped them. You’ll be rewarded for your kindness with unconditional love and friendship. What more could you want?

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