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If Dogs Had Thumbs

March 1, 2022

Did you know that March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day? Many of you probably don’t. This is one of the sillier holidays on the calendar. Given the current events, many people could probably use a chuckle this week. An Anderson, IN veterinarian offers some insight as to what Fido would do if he suddenly woke up with thumbs.

Fridge Raid

One of the first things your four-legged pal would probably do would be to open your fridge, cupboard, and pantry, and sample, well, everything. It’s probably safe to say that you’d come home to one very full pooch … and a bit of a mess.


Many of our canine companions really enjoy going for car rides. Fido probably wouldn’t be able to resist grabbing your keys and heading out for a spin. He may pick up that cute Golden Retriever down the road and head for his favorite park or trail.

Online Ordering

It’s a good thing that dogs really can’t use phones or computers. Chaos would definitely ensue if your four-legged pal figured out online shopping! What would Fido put in his cart? Toys and treats are a given. Your pup would probably also be interested in comfy beds, doghouses, food deliveries, and various chews.


Man’s Best Friend is quite active and athletic. Given the chance, your pooch may opt to try his ‘paw’ at a few different hobbies. Fishing with a pole may interest him. Other possible options would be football, soccer, golf, baseball, and billiards.


Our canine pals are very photogenic, and they take some really cute pictures. Fido may entertain himself by posing in front of various fire hydrants, trees, and puddles.


Fido probably wouldn’t be in much of a hurry to schedule a bath, but he may be quite interested in a massage. He’d also likely help himself to any back scratchers you have around, and really go for those itchy spots.

Fence Dismantling

Does your furry buddy have a yard to patrol and chase squirrels in? That’s great, but, given the chance, he’d probably opt for freedom instead!

Food Delivery

In addition to raiding your fridge and ordering things online, Fido would probably treat himself to some delivered steaks or burgers. Or both.

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