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Do Lunch With Your Dog Day

May 15, 2023

Today may be one of Fido’s favorite doggy holidays: it’s Do Lunch With Your Dog Day! Quite a few restaurants and cafes welcome our canine companions … of course, with the caveat that the pups are friendly and well-behaved. A veterinarian offers some tips on taking your furry bff out to eat in this article. 

Finding Your Spot 

Many places with patios or other outdoor seating welcome dogs in those areas, allowing Fido to dine without leaving dog fur all over indoor eating areas. If you are curious about a specific place, call ahead and ask. You can also try using apps, such as BringFido, to narrow down your spots. 

Doggy Menus

You may find that some spots already have specific doggy menus. Many drive-thrus, for instance, have secret menus for Man’s Best Friend. (Starbucks’ Puppuccino option is a great example of this.) If there isn’t a specific menu in place, you can order your canine pal something like a plain burger or boneless fish or chicken breast. Deli meat is also fine. (Just don’t go too crazy there, as processed meat tends to be high in salt.) Make sure Fido has plenty of water. 


It’s always cute to see an adorable pooch relaxing at a table with his humans. However, some dogs just aren’t really well-suited for crowded spots. If Fido is ill, reactive, anxious, loud, or rowdy, he may be better off staying home. Your furry pal may also not be welcome if he begs the table next to you to share their dinner. 

Other Options

If a restaurant isn’t a good option for you and your canine buddy, consider taking him on a picnic instead. Many parks have outdoor seating areas. You can also bring your four-legged pal through a drive-thru, and get his lunch that way. Another option is to just cook something for your pooch. Most types of meat, fish, and poultry are fine, as long as you’ve removed the skin, bones, and fat. Just stick with safe options. Don’t let Fido have anything that has a lot of spices, toppings, or condiments. Garlic and onions are definitely on the no-no list, along with chocolate, grapes and raisins, avocado, alcohol, raw dough, and meat on the bone. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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