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6 Benefits of Pet Wellness Plans

March 31, 2020
Have you heard of wellness plans for pets? These have really begun gaining popularity in recent years. It isn’t hard to see why: they have some great benefits! An Anderson, IN vet discusses wellness plans in this article.


One great thing about wellness care plans is that you can budget for them. This can make it much easier to stick to a financial plan, as you’ll be paying a set amount each month, rather than paying the cost of treatment randomly out of pocket at each appointment.

Prepare for Emergencies

No one likes to think of their pets getting hurt, but unfortunately, illnesses and injuries do happen. Many wellness care plans include a certain number of examinations. This can be extremely helpful in an emergency!


Did you know that wellness care plans can help you save money? You may get discounts on certain services. That’s definitely a plus! 

Preventative Care

As the saying says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s both cheaper and easier to protect our furry friends from illness and disease than it is to treat for them. Plus, many people with wellness care plans take their pets in for checkups regularly. This increases the odds of any issues being caught early on, which can be very beneficial.

Promotes Good Care

Another good thing about wellness packages is that they promote good veterinary care. You’re more likely to use something if you’re already paying for it. For many people, this results in them bringing their pets in more often. That, in turn, leads to healthier pets, which in turn translates into more purrs and tail wags. Anything that promotes good animal welfare is a plus in our book! 

Custom Plans

Our adorable patients are all unique, and they all have different needs. For example, a puppy won’t have the same needs as a senior dog. That’s why we offer a variety of plans. You can pick the one that best suits you and your animal companion.


It’s important to realize that wellness packages aren’t the same thing as insurance. Wellness care packages are mainly focused on basic, preventative care, while insurance is more aimed towards emergencies and ongoing health issues. Ask your vet for more information.  

Do you want to learn more about our wellness packages? Call us, your Anderson, IN vet clinic, today! 
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