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8 Great Reasons to Play With Your Cat

March 31, 2020
Does your kitty sometimes try to pounce on things that aren’t toys? Does Fluffy enjoy racing around your house, or batting at your shoelaces? Indulge your playful pet, and go get a wand toy! Here, a Lapel, IN vet lists some great reasons to play with your frisky furball.

Burn Excess Energy

Is your feline pal is a furry ball of zoom? Play sessions may help calm her down. If Fluffy tires herself out chasing that red dot, she’ll be more interested in napping afterwards than in knocking everything off your counters.

It’s Cute

Cats are never more entertaining than when they’re hard at play. Fluffy may be all business when she is stalking that catnip mouse, but that only makes her look even more adorable.

Mental Stimulation

Playing is great for our furry friends physically. However, it also benefits them mentally. Fluffy has to concentrate to land those tricky pounces! This is great for her mind, and can also help ward off cognitive decay in aging kitties.

Outlet for Angst

Playing is a purrfect way for Fluffy to work off some steam. Maybe she’s annoyed at the squirrel in the yard, or the dog next door. Let your kitty take her frustrations out on a fuzzy bird! 

Stress Relief

Kitties are great at comforting their humans in troubled times. Watching Fluffy’s playful antics can be a great way to relieve stress and put a smile on your face!


Our feline friends are quite active when they are little, but they slow down quickly as they grow older. Playing is a great way for Fluffy to get her daily kitty workout in. Kitties actually burn quite a few calories running, pouncing, and jumping.

Build Confidence

Many cats are quite shy and timid. Landing a complicated jump can help scaredy cats gain some confidence, and boost their self-esteem. Think of it as a kitty equivalent to scoring an important goal. 


Cats may think differently than we do, but they do know when someone has tried to help them. Fluffy truly will appreciate the effort you put into holding that wand toy or laser pointer. Your feline buddy may very well hop into your lap for some snuggles after playtime ends!

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