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Fido's Holiday Traditions

December 15, 2020

The holidays are officially here. Many of us are more than ready to wind 2020 down! While this year’s holiday festivities may be toned down a bit, due to the pandemic, there will still be plenty of smaller gatherings and activities. Our canine pals will also still go on with their traditions. Here, an Anderson, IN vet lists some of the cutest things Fido will do this year.

E  njoy A Special Treat

Treats are a guaranteed way to get that tail wagging. Just stick with safe, high-quality products. (Tip: choose things with ingredients you can actually identify.) You can also try your hand at making Fido’s snacks. Look online for recipes that use dog-safe ingredients.

Play With A New Toy

Toys are actually very beneficial for our canine companions. Get your pooch a few new playthings, and take time to play with him daily. This will provide your furry best friend with entertainment and stimulation, and keep him from getting bored. You can go with classic options like plush toys, or try something new, like a mechanical ball launcher. It’s always cute watching dogs get excited over new toys! This makes for some great holiday photos!

Strike A Pose

Speaking of photos, we never get tired of seeing cute holiday photos of our furry patients! Take Fido’s photo against a background that contrasts with his coat. You can also play with props. Try putting antlers or a Santa hat on your pup. Just stick with ones made just for pets. If your canine buddy isn’t having it, you can use editing apps to get the same effect.

Holiday Performance

Does your pooch know any cute tricks? Have Fido work for his treats and toys. Tricks like Shake or Roll Over will never stop being adorable!

Greet Guests

Our canine friends are very serious about their unofficial roles as door doggies. If Fido sometimes greets people by bowling them over, work on his petiquette. For now, you may want to keep him in another area as people are coming in.

Enjoy Belly Rubs

Fido is super cute when he’s doing that adorable ‘grin’ pups get when they’re enjoying some ear scritches or belly rubs. Pay lots of attention to your furry buddy!

As your Anderson, IN animal hospital, we want to wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday. Please feel free to contact us anytime!