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Fido's Cutest New Year's Resolutions

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! As we (finally) leave 2020 behind and move on to 2021, many people are focusing on their priorities for the coming year. Your canine buddy will be right there with you as you strive to make your goals. Actually, Fido has a few things on his own agenda. A local Anderson, IN vet lists some of them below.

Get More Belly Rubs

If there’s one thing we can learn from our four-legged friends, it’s to really savor and enjoy the smaller things. Fido gets adorably happy when he’s enjoying getting attention. Help your furry best friend make this goal by offering him lots of ear scritches and love.

Make New Friends

Many of our canine pals are quite outgoing and friendly, and love meeting new buddies. Take Fido to a doggy park this year, and let him enjoy hanging out with other pooches. This is especially important for puppies, as it will help with socialization.


Man’s Best Friend loves to visit new places. Change up your furry friend’s walking route, and let him benefit from a change of scenery. For extra tail wags, take Fido down some pretty trails this year.


It’s almost impossible not to smile when watching Fido happily bounding after a ball or stick. That doggy exuberance is pretty contagious. Take time to play with your pup every day. Playing also a great workout for your canine friend, so it will also help him stay in shape.

Learn Something New

Does your pooch know basic doggy obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down ? If not, work on these. If Fido has these basics down pat, then show him some cute tricks. Mastering commands will boost your furry pal’s confidence, improve his behavior, and help strengthen the bond between you.

Be A Good Boy

There are definitely many things to love about dogs. One of the best things about our canine companions is the fact that they really do strive to please their humans. Fido clearly enjoys being praised and complimented. It’s also super cute to see how proud dogs get when they know they’re being good. Be sure to reward your four-legged friend when he’s behaving properly!

Please reach out to us, your local Anderson, IN veterinary clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care!

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