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Housepets and Kids

Did you realize that more than two-thirds of households in America have pets? The American Pet Products Association reports that 70% of households own a pet. This percentage has risen in recent years, up from 56% in 1988. The combination…

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Advocate for Preventing Litters in February

Love often dominates February’s atmosphere, particularly as Valentine’s Day draws near, decking stores with romantic paraphernalia like flowers and chocolates. Yet, for pets, the attention pivots to prevention: it’s Prevent A Litter Month, Spay/Neuter Month, and Feline Fix By Five…

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Celebrating The Tuxedo Cat 

Is your kitty wearing a tuxedo? If so, you may want to put a pawprint on your calendar for January 29th: it’s Tuxedo Cat Day! Of course, Fluffy is cute no matter what outfit she’s wearing, but she certainly does…

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Should You Adopt A Rescued Bird?

January marks Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! Birds can be incredibly fun and charming pets. Polly packs a lot of personality into her small body! While bird ownership isn’t for everyone, our feathered friends have earned plenty of devoted fans….

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