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Caring For A Baby Snake

Are you considering getting a baby snake? There are some advantages to raising your pet from the start. People often find it easier to bond with animals that they have raised themselves. A captive-born snake will also be more docile …
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Gecko Care Tips

Today, September 1st, is World Gecko Day. These charismatic little lizards really do make fun and fascinating little pets. If you’re thinking about getting one of these guys for yourself, read on! An Anderson, IN vet discusses gecko care below. …
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Keeping an Outdoor Cat Healthy

Do you let your cat go outdoors? Have you perhaps adopted—or half-adopted—a local kitty? While we always recommend keeping Fluffy in, we do understand that some of our feline friends enjoy exploring the Great Outdoors. Other felines may have never …
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Blue-Green Algae: A Lurking Danger for Pets

Have you ever heard of cyanobacteria? You may know it as blue-green algae. This is an extremely dangerous type of algae, one that typically lives in warm, nutrient-rich water. Cyanobacteria can make both people and pets really sick. In certain …
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Pool Safety for Dogs

Are you planning to spend a lot of time at the pool this summer? If so, your canine friend may want to join you. Fido enjoys outdoor fun as much as we do. However, you’ll need to take care to …
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