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Fido's Holiday Traditions

The holidays are officially here. Many of us are more than ready to wind 2020 down! While this year’s holiday festivities may be toned down a bit, due to the pandemic, there will still be plenty of smaller gatherings and …
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Cold Weather Care for Cats

Winter may be a little ways off yet, but at this time of year, temperatures can drop rapidly. You’ll want to take some steps to make sure that your feline pal stays warm and safe as the weather cools. An …
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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving isn’t far off now! Although this year’s gatherings may be a bit smaller than usual, many people will still gather with their loved ones for a delicious meal. We’re definitely grateful for our animal friends, and their love, loyalty, …
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Teaching Fluffy Better Scratching Petiquette

Has your cat been redesigning your sofa, or slowly shredding your carpet? If so, you’re in good company. Many people owned by kitties can become quite exasperated by their pets’ manicure habits. We can help! You’ll learn a few ways …
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Fall Care for Senior Dogs

Autumn is a beautiful time of year here in Indiana. Many of our canine patients love to run and play outside in that crisp fall air. However, if your furry best friend is entering his golden years, he’ll need some …
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Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 9th is Pet Obesity Awareness Day! Of course, the key of this particular pet holiday isn’t to make pets aware of their own obesity. It’s to inform their humans about the dangers of obesity, and offer tips on preventing …
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